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by Tashna Erin LaVaux
  • AGES 8 - 12 

  • Fiction

About this story:  "During the days of the Buffalo, when the Earth's people were new... there lived a bird who loved humankind more than himself."

Beautifully illustrated picture book depicting a fictional Native American story written in English and Lakota (Sioux) by Tashna Erin LaVaux.

Our Magnificent Reader's Reviews

"Tashna LaVaux is a beautiful person and it shows in her writing. She has a passion for keeping the history and life of the Lakhota people alive and well. This book is a great read for kids with a sobering lesson. The illustrations couldn't be more perfect."

"This book is terrific! It has a marvelous story-line and teaches the age-old tale of having compassion for others. Beautifully written!"

"Loved it so much they took it to school and shared with their classes. Now the teachers want to order copies of it! It's such a wonderful story with great, colorful pictures."