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by Tashna Erin LaVaux
  • AGES 8 - 12 

  • Fiction

About this Story: "One little girl's journey to a hidden magical kingdom."

Adorably illustrated picturebook featuring fairies, elves and a clever little bird. By Tashna Erin LaVaux.

Our Magnificent Reader's Reviews

"I was excited to find a storybook that appeared to have been written just for my daughter! The story is cute and the illustrations are beautiful."

"My daughter loves this book :) I read it to her all the time, and the graphics are AMAZING!!"

"Adorable! Purchased this book for my daughter, Emmalyn :) great book, cute story, nice pictures."

"Emmalyn is So fun! I have a hard copy and on my tablet! It is one of my kids Favorite books for bedtime. Love it!"