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What do we call you? Tashna, Erin or both?

My Lakota pseudonym is Tasnaheca which means, "Black Hills Chipmunk." Both of my Grandparents gave me a name when I was around the age of 2. One called me Cricket (Tioslo) because I sang all of the time and hopped a lot.


The other called me Chipmunk (Tasnaheca) because I had chubby cheeks and chattered constantly.


When I began writing articles, books and software in my language of Lakota (Sioux), I chose Tasnaheca to write under and shortened it to an Anglicized version. "Tashna," was the perfect pen name.


When speaking English, most people call me Erin. Hence the reason for using both Tashna & Erin. As far as LaVaux, that's my maiden name. :)

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