Should You Pay for Chores?

From WebMD -

Should You Pay for Chores?

Experts say kids need to have basic duties within the family to learn a sense of responsibility. That work should be separate from an allowance, which teaches them how to use money and other important skills. But that doesn’t mean they can’t work for their cash. Some families divide chores into two groups: basic, unpaid, tasks that kids do as a part of the family, and extra jobs for which they can earn money.

-From WebMD

If children are paid for all chores, they do not learn the responsibility of pulling their own weight and expect rewards for every move they make. Children should be taught to help without expecting anything in return.  

In our family, we continue the tradition I had growing up. Money for report cards!

  • $2. for every A,
  • $1.50 for every B
  • .75 cents for every C
  • Nothing for anything lower than that.

My children look forward to report cards because they know they will earn money for good grades. I have thought about removing the option for C grades, but it hasn't really been an issue yet. There was a year when one of my children was struggling medically and felt really defeated by her grades so we stopped the report card money for awhile and focused more on just doing our best. Nothing is more depressing than feeling like you can't make headway. Struggling and not succeeding can make a person want to give up which is not something we want for our children. So if your child struggles with schoolwork, you might want to focus more on rewarding extra hardwork. 

Not every family fits into the same mold, so be creative.  What reward system do you find works best for your child(ren)?