How to Stop Repeating Yourself

Written by Erin LaVaux

How to Stop Repeating Yourself

Nagging? I hate that term, how about you? 

Even if we dislike it, this is what our kids might think of us when we remind them over and over to do their chores, homework, practice, clean up, brush their teeth, etc. 

For my oldest, it's water. After she was injured, we discovered her pain would stay down as long as she drank a gallon of water a day. So all day long, every day, "Drink your water, drink your water, drink your water."  It's even more annoying to her because she is the type of child who is always day dreaming and forgetful. I'm being sarcastic when I say, "she loves when I tell her to drink water!" 🤣

Kids will always need reminders to do chores, but these tips can help:

1. Be a role model. If you don’t clean up after yourself, why should they? They emulate us. Even when we're messy.

2. Offer useful feedback, but don’t micromanage. This also helps them to think and learn for themselves - but that doesn't mean to walk away completely, just step back and let them try to manage on their own, only intervene if something is dangerous or they are getting frustrated and need some guidance. 

3. Keep the tasks age-appropriate.  Having your 5 year old run the sink disposal is probably not the best plan. 

4. Don’t badger. When you can, let natural outcomes unfold. If your son forgets to move his favorite shirt to the dryer, it won’t be ready to wear. Consequences. 

5. Delay or take away privileges if the job’s not done. Again, consequences. We all have to learn them.