Graduations Canceled Everywhere

My friend took a video of her little boy in the dining room, surrounded by his plush toys and action figures. Her voice was a mixture of sadness and joy. "Are those your little friends Wahab? Are they here to celebrate your Graduation ceremony today?" 


She went on to tell family and friends that Wahab had his last video call with his teachers and classmates that day. Wahab wiggled shyly and smiled as his Mom spoke. 

His graduation had been cancelled due to Covid-19 as soo many other events around the world. From Kindergarten to 5th grade to 8th Grade Junior High, Seniors graduating from High School and of course, college grads. 


A lot of families are struggling with the loss of something that many had been looking forward to, some even before their child was born! 

With all of these cancellations and disappointments to life milestones, it's no surprise that family and friends have taken to the internet, holding online parties and collecting posts and messages to print for their kids. 

Some have been shipping gifts to graduates. Looking for extra personal, really special items. The online gift sections of Amazon, Walmart, Target and other stores list graduation gift ideas for every style and age right now. But a lot of items are low on inventory, aren't unique enough or just won't arrive for close to a month. Crayola has had customized gifts for years but has seen an increase in popularity for this Summer 2020.


"We can't be there for him, but so we wanted to send him a little something." Tom Dowell wrote on Crayola's facebook page of his grandon Cole. "His smile was priceless (and) Mom has been scanning pictures of what he's coloring and drawing for us. She texts us almost every day."

As a Homeschooled child, I didn't experience Prom or Graduations of any kind. I'm not even sure Kindergarten graduation exsisted when I was little. And while it pretty much stinks to miss a milestone event like this... it will be okay. The most important thing is everyone stays healthy and safe. Eventually the loss of these events will be replaced with stories, "Remember 2020 when no one had a graduation ceremony?" 

We can celebrate them, we can have our little parties at home with just our close family. 

And while we wait for life to return to normal, we'll keep our kids and families (and other families safe as we #stayhome ). Acknowledge those wonderful achievements online through videos, in pictures, on Zoom, on Skype. Celebrate digitally. 

Eventually this Pandemic will be over. 
Until then, be safe and Happy Graduation Kids!