Meet two New MagicStoryLand.Com Authors

MagicStoryLand.Com is a family run website by children's Author, Erin LaVaux which began in 2011. Now her kiddos want to join in too!


Introducing our newest authors!


Gwen Wagmu

Texan by birthright, Gwen Wagmu is the daughter of an author and it shows in her writing. This nut didn't fall far from the tree. Yes, I am calling her a nut. JK! Gwen's nickname Wagmu means, "Pumpkin" in Lakota. So I guess she's not really a nut. Keep your eye on this one! She's shooting for the stars!

Rosey NinjaPony

  • Creative Writer and
  • Artist
  • Gamer
  • Collector of Awesome Music

Rosey loves making people smile and helping others. When she sees someone hurting, she drops everything to help! She is so excited to share her stories and hopes they brighten your day! Especially if it's a bad day.

Happy reading!