Our Internet (Part Two - Trolls)

Written by Erin LaVaux

What are Internet Trolls?

Does reading comments 50% of the time make you feel bad about yourself or down? Do you suffer from anxiety, depression or loneliness? There's a chance the internet is contributing.

There was a time when things were different...

Many kids and even adults, aren't aware that the internet has been around since the 1960's, back then it was used strictly by the military and later by tech companies, colleges, universities and libraries. Check out Part One (Internet History) here:





The original network, ARPANET built by MIT and the military in 1962 ceased officially in 1990. Two years later, the Internet as we currently know it was born. For awhile, it was referred to as the, "World Wide Web" which is where, "www" comes from.

There was a time when trolls didn't exist

The number of networks exceeded 7,500 and the number of connected computers passed 1,000,000 by 1992.


Businesses all around the world were establishing websites online.


The Internet began changing from a military, technology and educational realm to a world where anyone with a modem and computer could log on.


Not long after 1992 when companies began pushing for more global network participation, the term, "Internet Troll" was coined. It was such a bizarre addition to our typically intellectual space, that it was noticed but mostly ignored. Running across a, "troll" was few and far between as the majority of internet community continued to be computer students, businesses or military for many more years. And rarely did the educated technologically advanced internet users fall for troll behavior. In mass, the few trolls that existed online were basically brushed off.


But as more and more people from around the world logged on, the intellectual (engineering and education) percentage of use dropped. The new internet community demanded a focus on entertainment. Many people discovered the anonymity of account profiles could hide their identity from others. And with that came corrupt behavior.

By 1997, the world was embarking en mass to cyber space. Commercials filled newspaper and TV ads with computers and modems urging consumers to buy and participate. This is when the online culture I'd grown to love made a 180

degree change. As a college student, I mourned the loss of our safe space as many others did. The new internet users were ruining our once peaceful and technologically educational kingdom. Sadly, we had no control over what was happening.

Before long, troll behavior became more prolific. Out of 30 people, an average 10 would behave horribly online. And not just hatefulness but crime. In 2006, the FBI established the Cyber Crime division. But back up one year before that...

In 2005, one of our favorite websites, YouTube was created. Though the website brought with it education, tutorials, positive movements and fun videos. Historically YouTube displayed the most abundant examples of a severe online hate culture.

Sadly, due to many sites with rampant hostile commentary, most children today have never known a world where hate culture did not exist online. A child born in 2002 or later would have grown up viewing content filled with insults, meanness, bullying, profanity and vulgar comments. If we stop and think about it, the condition of children's psyches makes sense. Why are so many children sad? Depressed, fearful or following trends they shouldn't? When has today's child ever not seen a gratuitous amount of hatefulness online? Children emulate, which means the hate will never end unless we stop it.


Because MagicStoryLand caters to children and safety, this is why we do not allow comments on our videos, images, stories and posts.


It is our hope to build a safe, educational, empowering and growing environment for our children. Much like the internet once was.