Please look

Parents and Guardians.... kids are having a rough time around the world right now. Are you paying attention?


Look at your toddler, is he quieter than usual?

Look at your baby, is she not smiling like she used to?

Look at your little kiddo, is he wetting the bed again? Is she crying when you say you have to work or be somewhere?

Look at your tween, are they having trouble sleeping?

Look at your teen, are they talking back? Seem withdrawn? Don't want to socialize? Anxious?


There is a LOT going on all around the world. And our kids... our futures... need parents to open their eyes. LOOK at them. I know you're tired, you're overwhelmed... but they need you.


They can feel your anxiety. Even infants. They can feel your sadness.

They can hear the news or overhear conversations. They can see the changes.

No school, no events, loss of people in their lives. Fearful, frightening, uncertain things.


Everything has flipped upside down for them.


It's more than missing graduation, dances, events and parties.

They are afraid.


LOOK AT THEM. Put down the phone, hold them, talk to them. Tell them it's going to be okay. Ask them questions... make eye contact. Hold their hands.


Look at the kids. Please look.

Author Erin LaVaux is the Compassionate Services Assistance Coordinator for her church. 9 year multiple award recipient Girl Scout Leader, former Middle and High School teacher and former Activity Days teacher for girls ages 6-11. The overwhelming plea she has heard from children through the years has been the same, "I just want my (Dad, Mom, Grandma, Grandpa) to spend time with me."  During times like now, our kids need us even more. Be vigilant to signs of depression and anxiety. Sometimes all it takes is spending extra face time with children, making eye contact, touching their hand or giving a hug. Those little actions can make all the difference.