Ponies, Glass, Bone and Seeds

Among the chunky fashion jewelry and the odd fine item in my jewelry box, lies smooth aged leather ties adorned with glass, bone and pony beads. 


My seed beaded hair clips and decades old chokers are priceless items in that jewelry box. My girls have worn my barrettes and choker many times. 


When I was about 2 yrs old, my mother gave me the first pair of hair clips and I wore them to dance in my first pow wow. She made another barrette not long after. My hair was so fine as a toddler, it would slide out and dangle if she didn't braid my hair. But she liked to keep my hair short, so it was something we fought with until my hair texture changed around 8 years old.

My first choker at age 5, was a gift from my Grandfather who owned a Trading Post on Lewis & Clark Lake, in Yankton, South Dakota. Which is where I am from. Besides sodas, fireworks and snacks - he sold hand crafted Native jewelry, his polished stones and creative decorations he made from driftwood and petrified wood. My pony bead choker, now sporting 1970's aged colors was various pinks

with some orange and red beads strung over the super soft brown leather laces. It was my special necklace. 


As a teen, I was gifted a gorgeous bone choker custom made for me in 1993 by our Landlord who was also a Sheriff's Deputy. He gave me the beautiful pieces as a going-away gift for college. The bracelet, necklace and matching earrings are white, brown and blue with a dreamcatcher and medicine bag attached to the choker. It was and still is gorgeous. I love it. 

And in 1994, when I was living and working as a Missionary, the Pastor's wife in Chinle, Arizona gave me two gorgeous blue and peach seed bead earrings.  The same day she told me she dreamt I would one day marry a pastor and then looked me square in the eyes and emphatically told me, "And I'm NEVER wrong." 😂

One day, all of these precious accessories that reflect my Native American culture will be passed down to my two daughters.

As for the husband, I'm still waiting for him to join the church as a man of cloth. 😁