Snowpocalypse 2020 - Villager #32 in Texas Biome

Written by Erin LaVaux

Today most of our ususally warm, (okay mostly hot) Texas was blanketed with thick white, wet stuff. 


As chaos broke out everywhere, with small children leaping for glee over no school and large men weeping in corners... we stumbled upon Villager #32 wandering around looking dazed... 


The sudden and unexpected infiltration of white stuff had caused him to shut down in the normally desert like Texas biome. We brought him inside, warmed him up with 2 jackets, 5 blankets and a bowl of spicy chili. He's finally coming back around. We heard him say, "Y'all" a minute ago. So we think he might survive.

Such a brave villager, surviving Texas Snowpocalypse February 6, 2020.


You can download Villager #32 for Minecraft here.