Vivid Light (Chap 1, Part 3) A Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir Fan Fiction - By Wagmu

Chapter One - Mimic - Part Three

Mimic stared at us in wonder. He had no clue what we were doing. "And tell us where the REAL Cat Noir is!" Ladybug demanded. "What are you-" The crowd gasped in horror. "Uh-" Copycat/Mimic ran off. "Follow him!" I shouted as we ran after him. "He's headed for the Abernathy Industries building!" "We've gotta stop him! He's after Daniel Abernathy and Adrien Agreste and they're both inside, along with several other civilians!" I said. Her eyes went wide. "Come on, then!" We ran into the lobby on the first floor, and I went straight to the receptionist desk. "Where are Daniel Abernathy and Adrien Agreste?!" "You've asked me twice now. I already told you, Mr. Abernathy is in his office having a meeting with Adrien Agreste." Ladybug and I looked at each other. "Elevator is faster, I think." I said. "Yes, but if Mimic finds out-" "Right. Stairwell!" We went into the stairwell and were soon up the stairs at the exit for the top floor. We went out to the main area of the floor and saw Mimic. "MIMIC!" He/she turned and saw us. "Hahaha! You're too late!" However, I knew something Mimic and Ladybug didn't. My dad is NEVER in his office. But, for now, I've gotta play along. Mimic kicked the door of the office down. "NO!" I shouted. But, nothing happened! Hehehe... Mimic looked at us, furious. "It was a trick!" "Daniel Abernathy is never in his office. If I hadn't informed that receptionist that you were on your way, the people you're after wouldn't have been able to get away!" I said, smirking. "You-" They raced past us, changing into Lady WiFi. "Come on, I know a shortcut to where Mimic's going." "Are you sure you've only had your Miraculous for a little while?" "Eh, my little siblings and I are HUGE fans of yours, Ladybug." "Really?" "Yep. Here." I showed her my father's experimental tube elevator. "It can hold up to six people." We both stepped in and went straight to the filming studio. "Daniel Abernathy has an in-office filming studio?!" "Yep. It's quite impressive." "What exactly does he DO for a living?!" "I have no clue."

We walked in and Mimic was nowhere to be seen, until the door suddenly barred itself. We turned and the door had been barred with a broom. "Brooms don't just move on their own." I pointed out oh-so-helpfully. Ladybug looked around. "We're not alone. Mimic's disguised as Vanisher." "But they could be anywhere!" I saw some sort of disturbance reach for my bracelet. So, following my instincts, my left hand shot over and grabbed Mimic's wrist. "Gotcha!" "Not for long!" They turned into Style Queen and I immediately let go. I mean, come on. Wouldn't you let go? "I'm just kidding." She said, changing into Queen Wasp. "I'd never be someone as pathetic as that. It would be ridiculous. Utterly ridiculous." She sent her wasps and we dodged. "Lucky Charm!" Ladybug used her power and it gave her a... "A magnifying glass? What am I gonna do with this?" "I'm sure you'll figure it out, but, for now..." "Right." Mimic changed again, however, this villain was one I didn't recognize. She positioned her sword/thing (not quite sure what it is) so she was ready to strike, we got into defensive positions, and my phone rang. "Wait! Don't-" The warning came too late. I answered it and it was one of the weirdest things I'd ever seen. "What sort of message is-" I was suddenly on the other side of the room and Mimic's new form was in my place. "What the heck just happened?!" "Oni-Chan can switch places with the people who answer her messages!" "Oh. OOPS. Sorry!" Mimic changed again, this time into Party Crasher, Adrien's friend Wayem. "Oh, come on!" "You're right. How about I choose someone with a sharper image?" He said, changing into the Evillustrator. "Ugh. This day day just keeps getting better." I announced, sarcastically. I dodged his spiral blade thingy and did a cartwheel over to one of the tables in the break area. This one had a little cloth bag on it.

"Get away from that!" He said, changing into Darkblade and chasing me with his sword. "WHAT IS THE DEAL WITH YOU AND SWORDS, MAN?!" I demanded. "Nothing in particular." He said, changing into the villain Riposte. "Come on!" I used my wand, extended it to be three times its size and blocked the sword strokes. "Check out that bag, maybe? Mimic seems to be pretty fond of it!" "No!" Mimic made a huge stroke and destroyed my wand. I gasped in horror as the wand's fragments fell to the floor. "Oh, you are SO gonna pay for that!" I grabbed a chair and began to wield it like a weapon. "It's a... A bag of sand?" "Well, we're doomed." Ladybug looked around as I was fighting Riposte. "Ah! Use your power!" "Okay... Luminescence!" I used my power and there was a little ball of light in my hands. "Now, throw it to me!" I did so, and made Mimic real mad in the process. "You-" She changed into Ladybug and my reaction, of course, was... "Okay, yeah, this is getting too weird." "Done!" Mimic changed into Volpina. "Why didn't you use that one earlier?!" I shouted, chasing after her as she ran towards Ladybug, who was in the process of smashing a piece of glass onto the floor. "NOOOOOOO!!" Mimic shouted as the glass shard erupted into teeny tiny fragments. A purple butterfly flew out, Ladybug de-evilized it and returned everything back to normal, including my wand. "Oh, thank goodness!" I hugged my wand. "I never want to part with this again!" Ladybug giggled. "Yes, I'm ridiculous. You're gonna have to get used to it." "I'm sure I will." She held out her fist to me. "Wait, you want ME to- to-" She smiled at me. "Trust me, you've definitely earned it." I smiled. "Pound it!" Our Miraculous beeped and the third charm of my bracelet turned silver as one of the last two spots on Ladybug's earrings disappeared. "You've only got a minute! Go downstairs. You'll de-transform in the elevator. Tell the receptionist that Janelle Abernathy was talking to you in Lewis Mason's office." "But, if Janelle Abernathy finds out-" "Trust me, she won't mind. I know her. Go!" She left, and nodded at me as she left the room.

"Okay, care to tell me your name?" I asked the person who had been akumatized. It was a boy with black hair and amber eyes. "Jackson. Jackson Axise." "Nice to meet you, Jackson." As I was about to introduce myself, Cat Noir came in through an open window. "Where have you been? You missed all the fun." He laughed. "Well, I didn't get an invitation. What was I supposed to do, crash the party?" "You wouldn't have been the first. Do you mind taking this kid, Jackson, home? I'm about to transform back." "Sure thing, but, who exactly are you?" "Luciole. My name is Luciole." I said, jumping out of the window and heading home. When I got home, I flopped onto my bed. "Luciole?! Can I be any more lame?! I couldn't think of anything more creative?! UGH!" I groaned into my pillow. "Look at it this way. If the city's buzzing about the arrival of Luciole, no one will pay attention to the rescue of the old man!" Rayna reasoned. "But still, I wanted to come up with a cool name!" "I think Luciole is a cool name! It's simple, sweet, and beautiful. It signifies that you're not extravagant, but see beauty in even the simplest things!" Rayna explained. "Well, when you put it that way, I guess I kinda like it." "Good, because you're stuck with it." "Hey- Yeah, you're right. I'm stuck with it."

To be Continued...