Vivid Light (Chap 1, Part 2) A Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir Fan Fiction - By Wagmu

Chapter One - Mimic - Part Two

Later, I got a text from Elina. "You're on the NEWS!" "What?" "It's true! Nadja Chamack is talking about you!" I turned on the tv in my room and found that Elina was being serious. "The dramatic rescue made its first appearance on the social media accounts of awestruck bystanders. The young girl who performed this benevolent act has been identified as Janelle Abernathy, daughter of the famous Daniel Abernathy." As Nadja continued to speak, I sank back onto my bed. "There is no way this is happening!" I told myself. "This is-" "Just as we've begun to celebrate this wonderful act of kindness, there has been an akumatized super villain. The villain has been seen heading towards the Abernathy Industries building-" I switched off the tv and reached to grab my phone, but instead, my hand clasped itself around a tiny, hexagonal, wooden jewelry box with an ornate design on the top. "This is the same box the old man tried to give to me. Did he slip it into my bag?" I curiously opened it and there was a bright flash of light. "ACK!" I scrambled away from it and fell off the other side of my bed. "Owww...." "Oh my goodness! Are you alright?" A chirpy voice asked me. I opened my eyes and there was a little firefly-like creature floating a few inches above my face. "AAAAHH!!!" I screamed and crawled away from the thing.

"It's alright. Don't panic." It said. After a few seconds, I calmed down. "Okay, what exactly are you? And how did you get in my room? And why are you even here? And-" "Okay, slow down. I can only answer one question at a time." I nodded. "My name is Rayna and I, am a Kwami. I ended up in your room because I was in the charm bracelet in the jewelry box. As for why I'm here, well, we can discuss that later." "Uh, what's a 'Kwami'?" "A Kwami is a magical being that helps his or her Miraculous holder to transform and use their powers for the good of all beings." "Wait, Miraculous holders? Like Ladybug and Cat Noir?" "Yes. You catch on quickly." "Oh! I'm Janelle. Janelle Abernathy." "Nice to meet you, Janelle, but I already knew who you are." "Well, that's not at all creepy." "Sorry, but you were mentioned in the newscast." I shrugged. "True. But, can you continue explaining?" "Of course. I am the Kwami of the Miraculous of the Firefly, which grants the power of illumination." "Sooo.... Do I get to transform into a superhero with a cool costume and powers like Ladybug, Cat Noir, Rena Rouge, Carapace and Queen Bee and the other superheroes?" "Indeed you do. To transform you have to say, 'Rayna, Sunrise'. To change back, say 'Rayna, Sunset'. Your special power is 'Luminescence', which can illuminate anything you choose for a limited time. After it's time is up, you'll have five minutes before you revert back into your normal self." She said as I put the bracelet on. It had five little firefly charms on it. "Okay. Let's see how this works. Rayna, Sunrise!" "Wait, I still have more stuff to tell you-" She got pulled into the bracelet and it was in color, and I was suddenly wearing a superhero outfit and even doing a pose. "YAY! There's even a cool pose I get to do?! Sweet! But... What do I do now?" I had a small, black wand that kinda looked like Cat Noir's stick. It had a little, glowing yellow bead on each end and in the middle. I pushed the button and it made the wand grow to three times it's original size. "Is there a button to activate a screen or something?" I asked myself. I hit the button again and a gold ribbon shot out of one end and formed a holographic screen. "That's better."

"I'm new to this thing, so is there a 'User's Guide' or-Oh! There is!" I said as it automatically opened it. "Okay, the Miraculous enhances physical abilities? Huh. So does that mean if I do this-" I abruptly stopped speaking as I did a flip out of my window on the second story of my house and landed on the roof of another building. "That had to be at least three feet! This is insanely awesome!" It also said that my wand could do all sorts of stuff, like split itself into two, extend, and shoot out ribbons. "OOH! That's cool!" I said as I split the wand in two. Then I used the ribbons. "EVEN. COOLER." I used the ribbons to get to my dad's building. "I guess it's time to be a hero."

As I was heading towards my dad's office, I saw... me?! A person on the street was getting handed flowers and awards for the rescue of the old man. And the person looked exactly like me. But, there was no way that was possible, 'cause, well, I'd just transformed into a superhero. "Oh, thank you. It was nothing, really." It wasn't my voice either. It sounded like there was a filter OVER the person's real voice. "I'm guessing that's the akumatized person." As they slipped away from the crowd of people, I dropped down behind them and followed silently into an alley. "Don't worry, Hawk Moth. I'll get the Miraculous for you. But first, I want revenge on Daniel Abernathy and Adrien Agreste for making a fool of me." There was a pause. "I don't care. If Ladybug and Cat Noir will show up to save Adrien, all the more reason to go after him!" There was no way I'm gonna let this weirdo go after my dad and my best friend. Besides, Elina and Hannah are with them, too! "HEY! Who do you think you are?! Going around, impersonating people?! I oughtta smack some sense into you!" The person suddenly changed to look like Cat Noir. "Oh? If you attack me now, everyone will think YOU'RE the akumatized villain. After all, I am Cat Noir." "You're just a fake. A mimic. Ladybug would never trust you. I bet that's your name, too. Mimic?" "Clever. Very clever." Mimic then changed so they looked like Stormy Weather. "With every form, I gain the same powers as that form. Gust!" Mimic used the umbrella and blew me backwards as she/he flew off towards the Abernathy Industries building. "You- Get back here!" I jumped up and ran after them.

On my way, I met up with Ladybug. I could still see Mimic, so I knew she was the real one. "Who-" "No time for introductions. We've gotta catch up to her somehow." AH! "Do what I do!" I said, throwing my ribbon around Stormy's ankle. Ladybug did the same with her yo-yo, throwing it around the other ankle. "Now, pull!" We pulled her back over to us. "Thought you could get away, did you?" "I don't think, I know." Mimic changed to look like Cat Noir. "Get him in front of a large crowd of people. I have an idea." "It seems like you're on my side, so I'll trust you for now." I left as she chased him to the Place de Voges square. "Soo sorry, but can I borrow this? I'll get you an even bigger, tastier one!" I asked a kid around six years old, pointing to her lollipop. She nodded and gave it to me. "Thank you! Stay here and I'll come find you and give you that lollipop later, okay?" "Okay!" I ran back to the square and tossed the lollipop up at Mimic from behind-the-scenes, then got up to where I was standing beside Ladybug. "What is this-" "Give us your akumatized object, Copycat!" I demanded. "Wha-" I winked at Ladybug and she seemed to understand.

To be Continued...