Vivid Light - (Chap 2, Part 1) A Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir Fan Fiction - By Wagmu

Written by Gwen Wagmu

Chapter Two - Dreamwalker - Part One

A few weeks have passed since I became Luciole, but now I don't really know what I'm gonna do- "Janelle!" "Oh! Hey, Elina!" I said, looking up from the book and seeing my friend. I quickly hid the book in my bag. "So, I have questions. Why was Adrien at the commercial when he should've been at school?" "Well, you know who his dad is, right?" "Uh, yeah! Who doesn't? Adrien Agreste is the son of the world-famous fashion designer Gabriel Agreste!" "Well, Gabriel and my dad have been friends for, like, ever. My dad called Gabriel and asked him if he knew anyone who could help in the video and, since they're close friends, Gabriel volunteered Adrien. My dad agreed and Nathalie rearranged Adrien's schedule." "Ahh... That makes sense." "I've been thinking about asking my mom if I can start attending the François-Dupont High School, too. What do you think?" "I dunno. If you want to. But, you, Hannah and I have always been homeschooled by our moms!" "I'm thinking it's time for change." I said, smiling. "Okay." I stood and put my bag onto my shoulder. "See ya later!" "Bye, Janelle!" I ran off and went home. My mom was making lunch, my dad was at work and my younger siblings were being watched by my older cousin, Pierre and his wife, Violet. I had time to plan out what I was going to say. "Mom?" I asked as I came into the kitchen. "Yes?" "I wanted to ask you if I can start attending the same school as Adrien and Chloe do." "Let me think about it and I'll talk to your father when he gets home." "YES! Awesome! I'm gonna go do my homework!" I said, running up the stairs to my bedroom.

A week later, after being assigned all sorts of tests, my mom woke me up in the morning. "Janelle, hurry and get dressed or we're gonna be late." "Late for what?" "You'll see..." She said, smiling mysteriously. I got dressed and went downstairs and saw my mom holding a pale yellow and white schoolbag. "Come on. We're going to be late if we don't hurry." I ran over to her, grabbed the schoolbag and followed her to the limo. "You know where to go, Luke." My mother said after we'd gotten into the vehicle. "Of course, ma'am." We rode for what felt like hours, although I'm sure it wasn't that long. It just felt like that because my mom was refusing to tell me anything. But we stopped in front of the high school. "Mom? Why are we here?" "You'll see. Come on." I followed her inside to the principal's office. "Mr. Damocles?" "Ah! Mrs. Abernathy! It's nice to meet you in person." My mother and the school principal shook hands. "And this must be Janelle! A pleasure to meet you." He held out his hand and I shook it. "I'll take you to meet your teacher and the rest of your class." I looked at my mother, who smiled and nodded as she motioned for me to follow him. He led me to one of the classrooms and knocked on the door, then went inside. "Good morning, students! I have a surprise for you. There's a new student joining your class today." He waved and prompted for me to come into the classroom. I walked in and smiled at the rest of the class. "Hello. I'm Janelle. I look forward to having class with you all!" I said cheerfully. "It's very nice to meet you, Janelle. I'm Miss Bustier, your new teacher." A lady with red hair in a bun, wearing a white and teal suit said, smiling. "Marinette?" A girl with dark hair in two ponytails and blue eyes stood up from her seat. She was wearing a charcoal gray jacket and a white shirt with pink flowers on it with a pair of pink pants. She seemed familiar somehow, too. "Yes, Miss Bustier?" "Since you are the class representative and Alya is your deputy, I expect you'll help Janelle get used to our school." "Of course!" Marinette said. The girl sitting beside her, one with orangey-reddish-brown hair and glasses stood as well. "Don't worry, Miss Bustier." She said. So, that girl must be Alya.

After a few weeks of attending the school, I was talking to Adrien in the courtyard of the school. "Sooo, you like her, don't you?" I asked teasingly. "Who?" "Marinette! You like her!" "What? No. Marinette's just a good friend." "Uh-huh. I know you like a brother. You REALLY don't like her?" I questioned. "I gotta go. Photo shoot." He excused himself and walked away. "Fine. BUT THIS CONVERSATION ISN'T OVER, ADRIEN!" I shouted after him, but he was already in the car that was driving off. "That pain. He's as much a pain as Cat Noir." I muttered under my breath. "Did you say something, girl?" Alya asked, walking up to me. "Oh! Uh, nothing! Need something?" "Well, now that you mention it, you seem to be pretty close to Adrien." "We grew up together. Of course we're close." I laughed, but then started to become suspicious. "Why are you mentioning this?" I asked. She sighed. "I have a friend who has a huge crush on him. It's -" "Marinette, right?" Alya nodded. "HEHEHEE!!" I giggled like a crazy person. Alya looked at me, somewhat worried. "OOH! YESS! 'Adrinette' is a PERFECT SHIP NAME!!!" I screeched the last part. Several other students looked at us. "Heh. Sorry!" I then pulled Alya to an area of the courtyard where there were less people around. "Don't worry. I'll do everything in my power to help get them together!" I said enthusiastically. "Really?" "Of course! Marinette has been helping me out so much lately. This is the least I can do!"

When I came home after school was over, my mother told me that my father had received a letter from the Mayor. It was addressed to Luciole from a mysterious person. "Maybe you could get it to her since you know her somehow?" My mom asked. "Sure. I'll call her." I took the envelope to my room, closed the door, sat down at my desk and opened the letter. 'Luciole, meet me at the Champs-Élysées tonight at midnight. I have something to discuss with you. Come alone.' I looked at Rayna. "Well, that's not at all suspicious or creepy." I remarked. "I think you should tell Ladybug and Cat Noir." Rayna suggested. "I plan to. Rayna, Sunrise!" I transformed and called Ladybug. It went to voicemail. Same with Cat Noir. "As expected, when no akumatized villains are rampaging, they're nowhere to be found." Guess I'll either have to wait to talk to them or do this myself.

To be Continued...