Vivid Light - (Chap 2, Part 2) A Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir Fan Fiction - By Wagmu

Written by Gwen Wagmu

Chapter Two - Dreamwalker - Part Two

The rest of the day passed like normal, except no disasters... At ALL. It's been eerily calm.

Soon, after doing extra credit homework, it was midnight. "It's time, Rayna." "This a bad idea, Janelle." "I know that. This is an extremely bad idea. But, I'm doing it anyway." "May I ask why?" "I think I know who sent that letter." "Who?" "I'm not going to say until I'm absolutely sure. Rayna, Sunrise!" I transformed and suddenly sneezed. "Ugh. Someone must be talking about me." I then went to head to the Champs-Elysées. I landed and began to investigate the area. It seemed like no one was here. "Hello? Helloooo?" "So. You came. I wondered whether or not you'd get the letter." A woman dressed in a peacock outfit. "You're the one who wrote the message?" "Yes. I am Mayura." "What is there to 'discuss' then, Mayura?" "Just a few questions. You have immense power at your disposal. Why do you wait for Ladybug and Cat Noir to ask for your help?" "Just because they may need help doesn't necessarily mean they need MY help." "But why be restricted when you can do whatever you want? Luciole, team up with Hawk Moth and I! Together, we could achieve so much-" I burst with laughter. "I didn't know that you had a sense of humor!" More laughter. "Oh! Oh, man." I stopped laughing and noticed her unamused expression. "Wait. You're serious? Oh, hahaha, sorry. No, I'm good." "Luciole, think about what you'll be giving up." "I'm not giving up anything by staying on the hero side. But, if I side with you and Hawk Moth? That would mean I'd give up everything. Now, I have a question for you, Mayura. Do you know the three things I hate most in the world?" "Enlighten me." "Liars, small spaces, and..." I paused, then smirked.


I whistled and my friends revealed themselves. Mayura looked around, then turned back to face me. "You tricked me." "Of course. Did you really think I'd actually come alone? As soon as I read the letter, I immediately suspected you and Hawk Moth. Yes, it was difficult getting through to contact my friends, but, after I figured out what kind of barrier you'd placed on the cell towers of the city, it was easy." "You're clever. You'd make a wonderful addition to the team, Luciole." "Still trying? I've said no. Deal with it." I threw my ribbon, but she evaded and disappeared. "Thanks guys. I didn't know she'd try and recruit me to Hawk Moth's side." "She tried to do the same thing with Chloe when we fought Miraculer." Cat Noir mentioned. "Nice to see you didn't join her, though." Ladybug said, smiling. "I'm on your side. You've chosen to trust me. I don't plan to betray that trust." "I knew I made a good decision that day." Ladybug smiled. "Oh! Remember how we tricked everyone into believing Mimic was Copycat? His expression was like 'Whaaaa?' It was HILARIOUS!" We started laughing. "Did I miss something?" Cat Noir asked. "I'll tell you about it later, Kitty." Ladybug said as I regained my composure. "Well, I better get home. My mom tends to pop into my room to check on me in the middle of the night. If she finds I'm not there, I'll have something worse than Hawk Moth to deal with. Bye!"

I went home and de-transformed once I was in my bedroom. "Phew. Probably won't be the last time I see Mayura, but, I deal with her if she shows again." I told Rayna. "Are you sure that's a good idea?" "Come on! Queen Bee was able to take on Mayura! It'll be a piece of cake! And, speaking of cake, my mom's meeting with Tom and Sabine Dupain-Cheng tomorrow! Plus, my dad wants me to come to his thing tomorrow. I need to get some sleep." I changed into pajamas and went to sleep. Early the next morning, my mom knocked on the door of my bedroom, waking me up. "Janelle! Time to get up!" "Why?" I asked, half-asleep with my face buried in my pillows. "Because you're going to be LATE!" "Late for what? OH! The party!" I leapt out of bed, changed into my outfit and ran out of my room. "Janelle! Are you ready?" "Yep!" I grabbed my sparkly blue purse and ran out to meet my dad in front of the limo. "Janelle, I need you to be on your best behavior today. There are several of my most important investors are going to be here." "Don't worry, Dad. I know the drill." We got in the limo and rode to the party, which was being held at the Grand Palais. We walked in and the place was completely decked out in decorations. "Whoa. What's with the Ladybug and Cat Noir decor?" "You'll see." "Hang on. Does your new product have something to do with Ladybug and Cat Noir-" I was cut off by a yawn. "Are you alright, sweetie?" "Yeah. Just tired 'cause I went and-" What am I doing?! I can't tell him I went to fight one of Hawk Moth's allies! "Did some extra credit homework to catch up with the rest of my class. Yeah." I finished quickly, nervous. "Ahh... Well, you can sit down and nap until the guests start arriving." "Okay. Thanks, Dad." I took a seat and someone woke me thirty minutes later.

"Yeah?" "Hey, Janelle!" "Oh! Hi, Adrien." "Tired?" "Yeah. I did some extra credit homework. It's an attempt to get on Mrs. Mendeleiev's good side." "I'm not entirely sure she even has a good side, but, if it works, let me know." "Will do! Now, if I could go back to my nap?" "Sure. See ya later." "See ya." I went back to sleep and woke up about twelve minutes later. "Oh, man. That was an awesome dream! I- Uhh..." I looked around. Everyone else had fallen asleep. Even Ladybug and Cat Noir were here! And, yes. They're also asleep. "This is weird. Rayna!" No answer. "Rayna?!" I looked in my purse. She was asleep, too! I grabbed a box of raisins out of my purse, took one and waved it in front of her face. Her eyes popped open. "Raisin!" She snatched it swallowed it in one bite. "Yummy!" I laughed. I looked around. Everyone was in a deep sleep. "It's time to transform! Rayna, Sunrise!" I transformed and ran over to Ladybug and Cat Noir. "Ladybug? Cat Noir?" No answer. They were out cold. "What's going on?" Ladybug's earrings bleeped. She'd used her Lucky Charm, so she could transform back any minute now. "What is going on here?!" "So, Luciole has finally joined the party. I was wondering when you would show up." A person in white and gold pajamas with a sleeping mask materialized, floating in the air. "Who are you?! And what's going on here?!" "I am Dreamwalker. What's going on here, is that I've invited everyone in the building to an impromptu sleep-over in the Dreamscape." "The... 'Dreamscape'? What in the world is that?" "Oh, just an alternate dimension where your mind can live your dreams like reality." "Is that where you've taken Ladybug and Cat Noir?" "Yes. Their minds are in the Dreamscape, but their bodies are here." I glared at Dreamwalker. "Where, I'll make a deal with you. If you can save your friends and defeat me while you're in the Dreamscape, I'll tell you Hawk Moth's secret plan."

Okay, pros vs. cons, Janelle.

•Pro: I'll find out why Hawk Moth and Mayura want to recruit me.

•Con: The Dreamscape is Dreamwalker's domain. She can manipulate it any way she pleases.

•Pro: We might be able to beat her at her own game.

•Con: If we fail, we'll transform back in front of everyone here and our families, friends, and enemies will know our true identities.

Eh. It's 50/50. If we don't try, it'll be worse than if we failed trying.

"Okay, Dreamwalker. But, I have a few conditions." "Go ahead." "One, I want to be able to take Ladybug's Lucky Charm with me into the Dreamscape. And two, you can't put anyone else in the Dreamscape." "Done and done." "Then it's a deal."

To be Continued...