Vivid Light - (Chap 2, Part 3) A Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir Fan Fiction - By Wagmu

Written by Gwen Wagmu

Chapter Two - Dreamwalker - Part Three

I blinked and was instantly in a realm with a cotton candy sunset sky. Beautiful. "Welcome to the Dreamscape, Luciole. Unless you can defeat me, you're never leaving." "Bring it on, Dreamwalker!" "Very well. In order to have even a slight chance of defeating me, you must successfully pass my challenges." "Sounds fair." "You accept?" "Yep. Do your worst." "As you wish. Your first challenge is to defeat the very first villain Hawk Moth akumatized... Stoneheart. Also, I feel the need to remind you that you will not have Ladybug or Cat Noir to help you." "Let's get on with it, then." She smiled and snapped her fingers, causing Stoneheart to appear in a puff of white and gold sparkles. "In order to defeat the villains and pass the challenges so you can rescue your friends, you must break each villain's akumatized object. Good luck, Luciole. You'll need it." She disappeared and Stoneheart charged. I made a squeaky noise and dodged. "Okay, the akumatized object is in his right hand, so I just need to get him to open it. That's not gonna be hard at all." Stoneheart slammed his hand down and I dodged. "I could really use some help!" I shouted. I have no idea who's even gonna hear that, but, worth a shot. A boomerang came flying out of nowhere and whacked Stoneheart in the arm. "Pardon me, but it's not very gentlemanly to attack a lady." A boy's voice called out. My vision followed the thing back to a boy my age. He was wearing a superhero costume and mask that was red and had a gradient to orange. He had a feathery cape and his hair had a red to orange fade as well. "Who are you?" Stoneheart and I asked at the same time. "Blaze. Holder of the Phoenix Miraculous, which grants the power of regeneration. I'm here to help." He said to me, leaping and landing beside me.

"What do we do?" "We have to get his right hand open." "Got it." He whistled and a pigeon came quickly flying over to us." "That's impressive." I remarked sarcastically. "I thought you were gonna call a phoenix or something." "I did. Luciole, say hello to Fiery Phoenix." I raised my eyebrows as the pigeon landed on his arm. "You're kidding, right?" "No." "So, how do we make this work, then?" I asked. "Easy. We get caught on purpose and Fiery Phoenix will destroy the akumatized object!" "Great. I totally feel at ease knowing that our fates are depending on a PIGEON with a RIDICULOUS NAME!" I shouted, extremely agitated and stressed. "Trust me! It'll work!" "Ugh. Fine." We got caught on purpose. "Now, Fiery Phoenix!" The pigeon grabbed the akumatized object in its beak and smashed it against a rock. Stoneheart disappeared in white and gold sparkles. Huh. The pigeon is actually quite smart. "NEXT CHALLENGE!" Dreamwalker's voice boomed as we were teleported to the next area. "Frightningale!" Then the poof of the puff of sparkles. Wait... O_O Does that even work? Ah, whatever. "Sing, dance or rhyme! Or you'll be frozen in no time!" "Oh man." I sighed, dodging her whip thing a few times, then getting hit with it. "Blaze, don't let that thing touch you!" I started to turn into a metallic pink statue. "Or you'll need to go to... Atchoo!" It stopped. Phew. "Why are you rhyming.... Ohhh. Nevermind." I nodded. Blaze, however, let himself get hit by the thing, then took hold of it, yanked it out of Frightningale's grasp and broke it under his foot. Frightningale screeched in agony as she poofed out of existence. "NEXT CHALLENGE! You must-!" "Enough toying with us, Dreamwalker! You're only doing this to make us take forever so Ladybug and Cat Noir will transform back and you can take their Miraculous for Hawk Moth!" I shouted. "Hmph! The little firefly's quite bright! Well, then... I'll make this your last challenge before you face me. You must defeat one of Hawk Moth's most powerful villains." "I prefer the term, 'victims', because they are." Blaze muttered. "Ahem! However, this one is a mystery. A villain that Hawk Moth was unable to control. Few remember his existence because he was from a future that no longer exists." "How do you know about him, then?" I asked. "I have my ways. Luciole, Blaze, say hello to..." She paused.

"Cat Blanc."

"Oh dear..." "This isn't good, Luciole!" "Tell me about it! If he's able to be here, and he's who I think he is, it means we can't hurt him!" "Then what do we do?" I paused. From I remember about Ladybug telling me about that battle, she didn't say much, Cat Noir and Cat Blanc aren't that different. They both care about her. "OF COURSE!" "Of course what?!" Blaze dodged. "We don't fight him!" "What?!" "We don't fight him, we need his help!" "His help?! To be honest, he seems perfectly fine with destroying us!" "But... Cat Blanc! Get ahold of yourself!" I shouted. "What do think Ladybug would think about how you're acting?!" He froze. "Dreamwalker is manipulating you!" "How do I know you're not either?!" "Because I know where your akuma is." He inched back as Blaze just watched. "H-How do you know that?" "Because Ladybug told me. She told me everything she could about you." "Fine then. Tell me something only Ladybug and I would know." I took a deep breath. "Hawk Moth is your father." He dropped his stick. "Okay. I believe you." "Now, we need your help." "We have to get to Dreamwalker's home base and free Ladybug and, well, you, before she steals your Miraculous." Blaze said. "And since she summoned you here..." I trailed off. "I have access to the powers of her domain!" "Exactly! Now, here's the plan. You'll take us to her under the disguise of apprehending us. When she least expects it, we'll all take her on and destroy her akuma!" "Brilliant." Blaze complimented my plan. "Now I see why you and Ladybug get along so well." "Alright, think we can pull it off?" The boys nodded. "Good. Then let's go!"

Cat Blanc pushed Blaze and I into the throne room of Dreamwalker's Palace of Dreams. "Ahh... So! You failed my final challenge. Disappointing. I really thought you could do it, Luciole." Dreamwalker commented from atop her throne. "And you, Blaze, you show great promise. I wish you'd join me." "No thanks. I tend to be competitive, and putting me on the losing side isn't a good idea." She laughed. "Well, it seems to me that you're on the losing side right now!" "Luciole!" "Ladybug! Hey! Good to see ya! Oh, uh, you left something behind!" I threw her the Lucky Charm she'd gotten earlier. "Oh, thanks!" "No problem." Dreamwalker stood, then teleported over to me. "Finally, Hawk Moth wins." She reached for my bracelet and- "HI-YAAAH!" A girl came out of nowhere and kicked Dreamwalker away from me. "WHOOHOO! This is AWESOME!" She was giggling like a crazy person. "Uh, do I know you?" "Huh?" She turned and faced me. I was stunned. She looked like Ladybug, but... She had dark brown, curly hair, light green eyes, a fairly light skin tone, and her outfit was different, too. She had a thin black belt around her waist, knee-high black boots, black bands at her wrists, and a red hairband with a red bow as a hair accessory. "Who are you?!" All of us asked in surprise. She stretched her arms, then faced Dreamwalker.

"Stick around and find out."

She pulled out a- Ladybug yoyo?! She tied up Dreamwalker. "Luciole! The mask!" I ran forward and pulled the mask off Dreamwalker's face and threw it to the new girl. "Cat Blanc!" She threw the mask to him and he used his powers, turning it completely to ash and the akuma flew out. "No more evil-doing for you, little akuma." She said, catching it. Then she released it. "Bye, little butterfly." She then turned to Ladybug. "You may wanna use that now." "Wait, who are you? And why did you save me?" "Trust me, this is not the last time you and I will talk and take down an akumatized villain together... Nightflare." She winked at me. "I- I don't understand." "You're not supposed to yet, but you will soon. Marinette? Oh-" "You know?!" "Sorry! Well, at least Cat Noir's still unconscious!" Ladybug, or, I guess, Marinette, facepalmed. "Calm down. Nightflare and Blaze are trustworthy!" "Um, my name is Luciole." I said. The new girl smiled at me. "Not for long." I was confused, but, I have to admit, Nightflare does have a nice ring to it. "Anyway, do your stuff, Ladybug!" "Miraculous Ladybug!" She did her thing and we were back at the party. Everyone woke up, including Cat Noir. "Wh- What just happened?" "Pound it?" I asked Ladybug. "I don't know. It doesn't feel right without that other girl. She did most of the work." "Well, she said I'd see her again, right?" "Yeah." "So, I'll give her one the next time I see her." "Okay."

We split up, de-transformed, but, for the rest of the week, I couldn't stop thinking about that other girl. 'Trust me, this is not the last time you and I will talk and take down an akumatized villain together'.

What did that mean?

To Be Continued...