Vivid Light - (Chap 3) A Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir Fan Fiction - By Wagmu

Written by Gwen Wagmu

Chapter Three - Alternatis

The next month, my dad was having a party to debut his newest invention to his investors. A working inter-dimensional transporter! "See, Pegasus has some kind of teleportation powers, which technically shouldn't be possible, BUT, by finding a way to re-create those powers on a much larger scale, I've finally done it!" He was pacing back and forth in front of his device, telling me about it. "Not ONLY can it go into other dimensions and realities, it can also teleport you!" "Wow!" I clapped for him. "Now, I just need to make a few tweaks before Mason and I bring it up to the party." "Wait." I paused. "Mason? As in, your evil buisness partner who is constantly trying to sabotage you? That Mason?" "Oh, Janelle, he has not tried to sabotage me!" "Oh, really?" "Fine. Name one invention he's tried to sabotage." "I could name FIFTY! Dad, he's just trying to get close to your invention so he can destroy it! Why can't you see that you can't trust him?!" "Enough, Janelle! Go back up to the party. I no longer need your help down here." "Fine. But if something goes wrong, I won't be afraid to say I told you so." I was on my way up to the party, when I felt the need to go up to the party. Fast. I did so and found Cat Noir fighting a supervillain. My father. I dashed back into the stairwell. "Time to go! Rayna, Sunrise!" I transformed and ran into the party. "Luciole, too? No matter! Neither of you can stop me from proving my invention works!" My father yelled, use his power and creating some kind of dimensional-rift thing. He jumped and was pulled into it. "C'mon!" I did the same and Cat Noir followed me.

When we finally came OUT of the vortex, I was alone in the basement lab, and not transformed. "What?" "JANELLE!" Drew came running up to me and tackled me with a hug. "Janelle, you've gotta come with me! I made a new friend!" "Okay, but, uh, can you let go, Drew?" He did so, then dragged me up to the party. "You'll like Amy a lot, Janelle!" "Amy?" "Yeah! My new friend!" He led me to a little girl with two blond ponytails on either side of her head and she was wearing a little pink dress with white polka-dots, a white waist ribbon, and little matching white shoe. "Hello. You must be Amy. I'm Drew's older sister, Janelle." "Nice to meet you." She curtsied and I giggled. "You're Drew's older sister?" I stood up and saw a girl about my age, sixteen, with curly, dark brown hair, fair skin and light green eyes. She was wearing an outfit that matched Amy's, except she had white and gold glasses and a white headband. "Yes." "Nice to meet you. I'm Gwen. Gwynneth Fenêtre-Cheng. Amy is my little sister." She held out her hand and I shook hands with her. "I'm Janelle Abernathy." "Janelle!" I turned and saw Adrien coming over, wearing a gray suit his father had made him wear. "Oh! Adrien! Gwen, meet my brother from another mother. This is Adrien Agreste. We grew up together." "Oh. Nice to meet you, Adrien." "You too." They shook hands and I saw Gwen blush. Awww... As the three of us were talking, Alternatis, my akumatized father, made his appearance. "Honored guests, I am Alternatis. A dimension-traveling supervillain who has also traveled through time." So I was RIGHT! We DID travel through time! "Look, I know we just met you, but we have to go... make sure our families are okay." I said and Adrien nodded. "No, I totally get it." Gwen said, nudging Amy over to her parents.

We ran to the stairwell and let our Kwamis out of their hiding places. "So, we did travel through time." "Let's just defeat this guy. Plagg-" "Wait! If we defeat him without Ladybug, we might never be able to go back!" "That'd be fine with me." "Oh, what happened? Did you two have a fight?" "No." "Then, why don't you want to go back home?" "I've been thinking... Even Bunnix, a time-traveling superhero from the future, kind of implied that it wasn't gonna work out." "Oh, come on! You cannot do this to me! Not after I put so much time and effort into planning for next Thursday!" "What's going on next Thursday?" "Nothing..." "Okay then... Plagg, Claws Out!" "Us too! Shimmer, Starlight!" My Miraculous had been altered earlier by the portal.

"Alternatis!" I showed up on one side of the room by coming in through a window. "You!" "Though you could get rid of us, huh?" Cat Noir blocked the stairwell door. "Oh, please. You two can't defeat me!" He teleported around the room, causing people to fade away by stealing their energy, including Gwen's family and I saw her duck under a table. "HAHAHAHAA! TO THE ROOF!" Alternatis teleported away and we followed him up by using the stairwell. "You fools!" He tried to use his powers on us and we continued dodging until I got stopped and began to fade. I couldn't move and I watched in horror as Alternatis cornered Cat Noir and I was frozen, unable to do anything. "Hey! Alternatis!" He turned. The girl that had saved me from Dreamwalker last month, I assume she's this world's Ladybug, had gotten Alternatis' attention. "Oh great. Another one. I've already dealt with one of you before, I can do it again." He said. "You sure about that? I think I can deal with you a lot faster than you can deal with me." "Cocky, aren't you? Well, no matter. I'll still defeat you." "Wanna bet?" He took a step away from Cat Noir and a step toward her. "Don't underestimate me, little girl. I cannot only teleport but travel through time." "You got one thing wrong, Alternatis. I'm not little. Lucky Charm!" She used her power and got a tube of toothpaste. "Oh, great. What am I supposed to do with this? Squeeze it into his eyes or something?" She looked around and seemed to come up with a plan. "Hey, cat boy, distract him!" "Excuse me, 'cat boy'?" "What? I don't know your name." "It's Cat Noir." "Well then, Cat Noir, distract him!" She ran back into stairwell. Cat just stared. Wow... I saw the look on his face and it was one I'd never seen before.

Not even when he would look at Marinette, the Ladybug in our world.

Alternatis seemed to catch on to what she was doing, disappeared, Cat ran into the stairwell and, before I had faded completely, the magical Miraculous ladybugs turned me back to normal. I ran down to the basement and the girl was just standing there, staring at Cat Noir, most likely super confused that he hadn't disappeared like we should've. My power, Luminescence, can affect the way people see, since it has to do with light, so, before anything disastrous happens... "Luminescence!" I used it to erase the memories of Alternatis from everyone who was originally from this new dimension. Unfortunately, it caused EVERYONE except myself to faint. Including those from the universe that I am from. Oh well. I'm just hoping it didn't erase all of Cat Noir's memories. I heard a sigh and hid behind something as an old man came down into the lab. "Tomorrow is going to be a long day… Come, Wayzz. We must do what we can to fix this mess. Janelle Abernathy, I know you are still here. Come out." I did so. "I know when you must receive this miraculous, and it is not today. You must-" "Return it to you? No problem. Just… Please fix all this?" I asked, handing him the bracelet. He smiled. "I will do all that I can, miss Abernathy. He took the bracelet and my Kwami popped out. "Shimmer, Forgetful Luminescence!" "So that's how you-"

To Be Continued...