Vivid Light Review from a Reader

Becky D. from Facebook writes a review of Vivid Light.


"I love the diversity of the character names and the bond that is already being shown between characters. The imagery of the mom running in with the fire extinguisher made me laugh out loud, literally 😂


It could be because I’m not familiar with the original story this is a fan fiction of, but I was confused about some parts regarding Adrien: why does he have a body guard? Does he go to a different school than Janelle? Why was he going to school at that time when Janelle and her siblings and friends weren’t? Why was he at Janelle’s dad’s office just a short while after he said he was going to school? Perhaps these questions will be answered in future chapters?


I love how Gwen has already established some mystery with the unknown phone call. I’m looking forward to where that leads. After all, we’ve all gotten calls like that and they don’t tend to lead to adventures. Will Janelle’s?!


I also love Gwen’s initial development of Janelle’s character and personality. In just this one chapter, she’s established that she has a strong faith, helps others with no expectation of reward, is a feminist and is down-to-earth regardless of her socio-economic status.  One of the things I really loved was that Gwen was able to establish that Janelle has a close and trusting relationship with her father. It’s a strong enough relationship that her dad asks her for help and listens when she has valuable input. (the fact that that input was Janelle calling her dad out on needing to be more inclusive was an awesome bonus!)


Skill-wise, the fact that Gwen was able to establish all of those things so quickly in the first chapter without resorting to dull writing such as: “I believe in God, I’m a good person, and my dad trusts me” is the sign of a good writer.


Well done, Gwen!!! I’m looking forward to seeing the next chapter! ❤️"